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Stop Waiting!


This quote resonates with me as we go through these tough economic times:
“On the plain of hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who, on the dawn of victory, stopped to rest and resting died.” – Omar Kayam
We all wait for something – our expectations could be that: 
  • We are waiting for another person to act, be accountable, respond positively, say “Yes”, …
  • We are waiting for the right moment when we have time, when we finish our degree, when we feel good, when the opportunity is right, or when we….
  • We are waiting for our new budget, our friend, somebody to ask us, other people to start, ….
  • There is never enough money, there is never enough trust, there is never enough time, …
  • Others resist change, others aren’t capable, others aren’t interested, others aren’t available, …
  • I don’t have enough resources, I don’t have enough authority, I don’t have enough support, …
  • It’s too risky, it’s not important, It’s not a leap improvement, It’s not worthy, …
  • He/She is not on board, we are not all aligned, the plan is not perfect,
…My belief is that some internal fear is causing us not to act and resists movement or taking action our our part. This hesitance keeps us following the same path, protecting the present, protecting ourselves when we should be moving forward, making progress and moving into the unknown.
Your fears will always be there. BUT, your opportunity/ idea may NOT always be there! The window of opportunity may be now!
Take that risk!
Move on, move forward, even IF you are scared, unsure, fearful… !
No Matter What!
What are you waiting for that you could act on NOW?

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